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We are thrilled that everyone who uses our stationery knows they are getting authentic White Orchid stationery worthy of smart, hard working women like you.

Jane Reimer
maker + designer

Before I started The White Orchid, I was obsessed with making pretty hand stamped cards & creating my own stationery at home.

Then one day Stampin’ UP! released a digital design program and my love of digital design happened. I realized that I no longer had to write my notes on boring old lined paper. I could design beautiful & original calendar designs – then print them out and hang it on my fridge. I LOVE beautiful paper.

I was concerned that creating custom invites and stationery would be too costly for my customers and that I was the only one who wasn’t happy with the stationery available at the big box stores.

But then…

I realized that beautiful stationery didn’t have to be expensive. Also I realized that many of my customers were women – mothers and career women with full busy schedules. Some are brides looking for just the right stationery for your wedding day. You didn’t have the time to create your own stationery designs.
I  set out to create the most distinctive & elegant wedding invitation suites & memory albums. Later I added simple and beautiful calendars to my product line for resourceful women everywhere. As well as special shower invitations & announcements for those party planners who are celebrating life’s beautiful moments.

It turns out…

the road was more difficult than I imagined.  It was so frustrating when the first results were not reliably accurate plus I had a lot of designing to do…
Then I discovered I had purchased the wrong printer for my business. The paper jammed, the print results were widely varied from job to job – plus I was going broke over ink usage.

Does this have to be so hard?

After researching the problem & hours on the phone with tech support – I learned the hard way. There are secrets to getting results from your printer that no one tells you. Answers always help!
But just because I love designing stationery doesn’t mean that everyone does.  And slowly an idea was formed. when I realized that most of you love the satisfaction of creating – just keep it simple. So we did.

The best part?

Through it all, step by step, we learned and designed and tested. Now we offer downloads – you can have the fun of printing your own stationery without the hassle of stating the design from scratch. It’s as simple as entering the info and hitting print. So satisfying.  And as always – I offer the same products as print + ship for anyone who wants the beautiful paper to arrive in their mailbox – all ready to go.
And best of all?!  The response has been astounding.

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