bringing joy to everyday lives


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“I am thrilled to offer you beautiful, handmade products that bring joy and harmony to your everyday lives.”

owner + designer, Amanda Wohlgemuth

I purchased this business, The White Orchid, from Jane Reimer in early 2021. She built this calendar empire herself. It’s been a great pleasure to work with her. A lot of the designs in this shop are still hers.

Before I purchased The White Orchid, I was just getting into all things design and paper.

Then one day…

I was asked if I wanted to buy the business. “Yes, of course!”

Many things were not as easy as they seemed.

But, since you are reading this, I obviously conquered the hurdles.

I am dedicated to producing the same quality, handmade calendars/products.


I personally love calendars, planners, notebooks, and everything design and paper.

I believe that when the calendars that hang on our walls, the planners we write in every day, and the notebooks we scribble our thoughts in are beautiful and useful it brings joy to our everyday lives.

Welcome to this calendar empire.
I’m so glad you are here.